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Flat Roof Services in Broadview, IL

The Village of Broadview has a history of mass residential expansion as well as commercial and industrial business development. That’s why Commercial Flat Roof Company of Chicago is focused on meeting the roofing needs of business property owners by providing a variety of metal and flat roof services. Whether you’re a returning customer or it’s your first time considering our roofing services, our team is prepared to help you get a roof that is built to last.

Through a simple 3-step roof servicing process, our team is able to assist you from beginning to end on their flat or metal roofing projects. Broadview customers are also able to choose from a variety of metal and flat roof services including roof repair, restoration, flat roof overlay, and total roof replacement.

Step 1: Start with a Free Roof Evaluation

Our roofing project will begin with a free evaluation with our team to inspect your current roof. Here, you will be able to ask any questions about the roof servicing process and receive information about the metal and flat roof services available to you.  

Step 2: Receive a Customized Action Plan 

Based on our team’s inspection, we'll develop an action plan customized to your roofing needs and budget. You’ll be able to review the plan in more detail and ask us any questions before your project begins.

Step 3: Begin Your Roofing Project 

Our team will begin to service your roof using the best materials and methods in the industry. Your service will be backed by our 100% Leak Free Guarantee and our team will be available should you need anything throughout your roofing project.

Ready to start your roofing project? Broadview customers can contact us today to set up a free evaluation and learn more about the services that are available for your roof.   


Serving the Chicago Area

Commercial Flat Roof Company of Chicago provides quality flat roof solutions at affordable prices to the entire Chicago metro area. We guarantee a roofing project complete to your satisfaction. We service a 100 mile radius around Chicago, Illinois.