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Roofing Industries

Commercial Flat Roof Company of Chicago specializes in professional grade commercial and industrial flat roof service and replacement for a wide variety of roofing industries. With decades of experience, we have installed and repaired flat and metal roofs with a team of committed roofing professionals and have used the best materials in the industry to ensure each roof we work on is high quality and leak-free. As a result, our team of professionals are well equipped and prepared to resolve any issues regarding damages to your business’ flat or metal roof.

What sets us apart in today’s roofing industry is that we take pride in meticulously completing every commercial or industrial roof repair, leaving you with the highest rate of satisfaction regarding our work. We know that stressing over a broken, leaky, or old roof can be a burden, which is why we continuously work to make sure that your commercial roof is repaired in an efficient and cost-effective manner, and able to last a very long time.

Our industry knowledge and commitment to our customers has also allowed us to service a multitude of commercial properties in the Chicago area – ranging from office buildings to warehouses, manufacturing facilities, retail stores, hotels, schools and other roofing industries. Regardless of the building or service needed, our roofing professionals at the Commercial Flat Roof Company of Chicago have done it all.

Through a 3-step process, our roofing professionals are able to install or repair commercial and industrial properties, regardless of the project. Our perfected method has made the Commercial Flat Roof Company of Chicago the best and most cost-effective solution for many roofing industries and for your property’s needs. All of our services are backed by our signature 100% Leak Free Guarantee and provide up to a 25-year warranty.  

Commercial Roofing Services

Full Inspection

We do a complete inspection of your existing commercial roof.

Free Estimate

We provide a free estimate for the proposed work needed.

24-Hour Access

We have 24-hour access to our repair team in case of emergencies.

Leak Free Guarantee

Our Leak-Free Guarantee includes all labor and materials.

If you own a commercial or industrial building in Chicago and are interested in our free roof evaluation and estimate, contact us today or give us a call at 312-777-9500.

Serving the Chicago Area

Commercial Flat Roof Company of Chicago provides quality flat roof solutions at affordable prices to the entire Chicago metro area. We guarantee a roofing project complete to your satisfaction. We service a 100 mile radius around Chicago, Illinois.